EDIsecure® DCP 340+  Direct Card Printer

The double-sided EDIsecure® DCP340 Direct-Card Printer is the perfect solution to enter the world of ID card personalisation for medium to higher volume applications. High quality edge-to-edge printing results in attractive cards with a professional look.

With this high class design and small footprint it fits perfectly on every desk - and best of all: it’s working low noise. This versatile printer comes at a very attractive price level.

Speed and ease of use

Print Speed

    up to 180 full-color single-sided cards per hour (5 Panel ribbon)
    for monochrome black ribbons up to 700 cards, single-sided per hour

Easy handling is guaranteed by

  • quick-change of supplies through re-loadable cartridges
  • automatic ribbon detection
  • a hundred standard cards of 0,76 mm thickness can be loaded into the front facing input hopper while forty cards can be received by the output hopper
  • operator-replaceable print heads
  • continuous card cleaning
  • innovative printer driver providing all the information you need: user-adjustable image controls, diagnostic capabilities, color image previewing, test card previewing and online help

Powerful options

An EDIsecure® DCP340 Direct-Card Printer is always a save investment due to the field-upgradeable optional encoder for magnetic stripes (Hi-Co and Lo-Co).

EDIsecure® DCP340 Direct-Card Printer consumables

  •     Monochrome true black ribbon K for at least 1,500
  •     printed cards (with ribbon optimizer function up to two times more)
  •     5 patch color ribbon Y / MC / K / OP for 500 printed cards
  •     7 patch color ribbon Y / M / C / K / OP / K / OP for 300 printed cards


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