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SMART-50 is the perfect solution for personalizing graphic quality single-side ID cards.
SMART-50  printer produces full-colour or monochrome cards in seconds and it is ideal solution to print ID cards on-demand or in volume.
SMART-50 offers a wide range of optional features including magnetic encoder, contact and contactless smart card encoders making it ideal for many applications in a variety of environments.

The SMART 50 can be upgraded at any time with dual side printing, lamination, Ethernet connectivity and encoding. An Optional Starter Kit - which includes 1 YMCKO ribbon, 100 pvc cards and 1 long cleaning card - make starting your card print program even easier!

Typical Applications

  •  Identification Cards
  •  Membership / Loyalty Cards
  •  Staff / Employee Pass
  •  Visitor Badges
  •  University / Student Pass
  •  Conference Cards
  •  Bank Cards: Personalisation of Credit / Debit Cards


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